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3D plasma rotary cutting machine

3D plasma rotary cutting machine


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Cutting Plasma Plotter 3D dimension operated by CNC with 4 axis: linear, circular interpolation and another two supplementary axis for better results. (Total : X, Y, Z, A)

  • Brushless CNC drivers and motors.
  • Plasma generator maximum 45A.
  • Automatic or manuall adjustment of smoke extraction system following the torch.
  • Automatic or manuall adjustment of the cutting torch when the diameter of the tube changes
  • Automatic or manuall lathe chuck to place the tube in the machine.
  • Manuall regulation to the supporting axes (the axes which they rotate the tubes) when the diameter of the tube changes.
  • Diameter from 80 mm to 550 mm.
  • Thickness from 0.4mm to 2.5 mm.
  • Materials: steel, galvanized ,copper, aluminium.
  • PC Panel (laptop) with USB port for data transfer from PC with O.S. Windows Professional 7, or Windows 11.
  • Import/Export drawings by an external CAD.

CE Marks and Declaration of Conformity
In order to improve the product Metallwork Psilos reserves the right to make changes without notice.


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