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About Us_II


Dear customers and friends

The principal business of our company established back in 1950 by the Psilos family in Greece is the production of household appliances and their maintenance.

Our successor is the company Metallwork-Psilos specialized in the trade and production of metals and the production of automated machinery (CNC)

Since 2006, Metallwork-Psilos has had 2500 m2 of production facilities in Sandanski plus highly-qualified personnel.

The first part of our production includes the fabrication of chimneys from both stainless steel and galvanized steel for the free removal of fumes and exhaust gases, and along with that we offer personnel training and delivery of equipment to our clients, who are interested in the manufacture of chimneys and their sale.

The second but also very significant part of our production is the fabrication of all types of machines for metal chimneys of high quality materials, which meet all international standards. Our highly qualified personnel will take care to find a solution to achieve your goals and satisfy your needs. We are distinguished for our professional attitude and consistency. Our main goal is to deliver reliable products at reasonable price. Our aspiration is for continuous development and upgrade to create environmental-friendly and comfortable products for the end consumers.

Metallwork-Psilos. – we raise quality standards. Our goal is to find solution to your problems.

Do not hesitate!!! Come and visit us or just call us to answer your inquiries and together find a solution to your problems. It will be a real pleasure for us to help you.



We can modify our machine to meet your production’s needs.


Our team includes specialized engineers, electricians and mechanical craftsmen.


Our machines have at least 10 years actual productive experience

We produce functional and reliable machines the last 15 years.



Knowing that market constantly changes and so your needs change also, we offer you the privilege of using versatile machineries.


Our company uses first quality raw materials to ensure that your machine will operate at 100% of its capabilities.


Our company was founded in 1950 and already counts 67 years of experience.


Our specialized stuff is ready to meet your needs. With your suggestions and our knowledge our Mechanical Engineer can manufacture the perfect machine for you.

Challenge the norms

We constantly challenge the status quo. Nothing is worse than complacency, and as a brand our culture is to dissect every single decision we make at every level of the company.