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automatic line coil feeder

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  • The modularity of the system enables the selection of various solutions to correctly meet customer needs, and covers an entire range of automatic sheeting production types. The absolute simplicity and ergonomic features of the equipment eases operator tasks (settings and control), while all the calculations are sent for control. All processes start from the belt and each movement is automatically controlled. The sheeting varies in thickness from 0,5 mm to 1,5 mm stainless steel.

    Configuration composed of:Configuration composed of:

    • Decoiler manual expansion of mandrel, adjustable brake, capacity 5000 Kg, internal diameter of coil min. 350 mm and max. 500 mm.
    • Sheeting input guide with manual regulation on steel plates, processed and milled on work stations.
    • Straightening machine unit with 4 chromed rollers, 90 mm diameter, coupled with driving rollers in rubberized Vulkolan, 100 mm diameter, gear transmission, line movement measuring device with wheel and encoder.
    • Electrical shears : useful light 1050 mm max. thickness 2mm galvanized , 1mm inox.
    • Control panel, piece positioning device and quantity, management software;
    • Processing speed 20m Per minute.
    • Precision control + / – 0,2 mm, Electrical connections and power supplier
      380 V 3 phases + earth 50Hz, 2Kw
    • CE Marks and Declaration of Conformity

    In order to improve the product Metallwork Psilos  reserves the right to make changes without notice.

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