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Machine producing T-elements for ducts/chimneys Initial Price

Machine producing T-elements for ducts/chimneys Initial Price


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A machine that enables chimneys manufacturers to produce fast and cheap unlimited pieces of T-elements. The machine can be used from airducts & exhaust producers as well.
It is accompanied by a European quality certificate CE.
Control Station:
All machine functions are controlled by a plc. The control panel is placed to an ergonomic position, according to the operator’s needs. The robust structure and operating philosophy of the machine meets 100% CE standards with many features as central control display and emergency stop button
By putting the parts to be formed in the working position and pressing the hand switch the automatic procedure begins.
Production of each part is completed in two cycles that lasts almost 10 seconds.


  • easy of use
  • high performance
  • quick changeover
  • wide range of working diameters
  • the operator can independently create a cycle, set the necessary sequence of operations, make changes to the program
  • full compliance with EU safety standards
    Material: Stainless steel  AISI 304  AISI 316
    Thickness: 0,4 – 0,5 mm
    Range of diameters: 80 – 350 mm
    Type of drive: hydraulic
    Size:  L 800 x W 800 x H  2500
    Power supply: 3×400 V/ 50 Hz

    CE Marks and Declaration of  Conformity

In order to improve the product Metallwork Psilos  reserves the right to make changes without notice.


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