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CNC Tube Production Line

CNC Tube Production Line


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The machine can operate with at least 1 pre-bending. The number of the pre-bendings depends on the shape of the tube. (Oval Pipes, Eclipse Pipes, Spherical – Round Pipes, Square Pipes. All the edges of these shapes have curves)

Basic Features of the machine

  •   Decoiler manual expansion of mandrel, adjustable brake, capacity 2000 Kg, internal diameter of coil min. 350 mm and max. 500 mm.
  •  Metal sheeting input guide with manual regulation on steel plates.
  •  Straightening machine unit with 6 rollers, coupled with driving rollers, gear transmission, line movement measuring device with wheel and encoder.
  •  Electrical shears

    1. maximum width 1050 mm of the sheet metal
    2. max. thickness of the material 0.8 mm galvanized , 0.6 mm inox.

  • Control panel, checking device for the positioning and the length of the sheet metal.
  • Working feed of the material to the electrical shears: 2m Per minute.
  • Precision control + / – 0,2 mm, Electrical connections and power supplier 380 V 3 phases + earth + neutral 50Hz, 4.5Kw, 8 bar pressure
  • Transfer belt of the material for rolling process
  • CNC Roller
  • Max 350mm during the automatic operation
  • Max 1000mm during the manual operation
  • Extractor mechanism of the formed tube
  • Storage place of the formed tube
  • CE Marks and Declaration of Conformity
  • In order to improve the product our company reserves the right to make changes without notice.


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