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chimney elbow

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  • The use of the beading machine is to form beads in thin aluminum, stainless steel, iron, zinc and copper segmental elbows (thickness between 0.4 to 1.5 mm) and diameters from Ø 80 mm up to 1000 mm.
    The steel supporting frame in combination with the two, heat treated, forming rollers (adjustable pressure) are capable for a fast and reliable result.
    Control Station:
    All machine functions are controlled by a plc. The control panel is placed to an ergonomic position, according to the operator’s needs. The robust structure and operating philosophy of the machine meets 100% CE standards with many features as central control display and emergency stop button.
    By putting the parts to be formed in the working position and pressing the foot switch the automatic procedure begins. The flexibility of the implemented software in the controller allows you to choose whether to work only the male or only the female parts.
    The stabilizer roller allows you to keep the pipe in the correct position during rotation.
    The time for treating a part is approximately 10 seconds.

    Material: Stainless steel, Galvanized, Aluminum

    Cooper, Zinc

    Thickness: 0,4 – 1,5 mm
    Range of diameters: 80 – 1.000 мм
    Type of drive: hydraulic
    Power consumption:  2.0-2.5 kW
    Power supply: 3×400 V/ 50 Hz
    Air pressure: 5.0 Bar

    In order to improve the product Metallwork Psilos  reserves the right to make changes without notice.

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