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  • The bonding machine consists of:

    • Heavy electro-welded steel construction.
    • Copper bar in Cr-Zr with double cooling duct and gas protection for the interior.
    • Bronze support bar for the iron materials.
    • Motor slip accuracy for carrying the torch through the drive belt on the sliding block extension.
    • Automatic torch transfer and electronic control – conversion system and potentiometer for adjusting the speed from 280 to 3.000 mm./min.
    • Closing clamp pneumatically.
    • ‘’Siemens’’ electronic control type for: automatic cycle – departure delay device carriage- Electronic high-frequency protection panel.
    • Welding speed 18 seconds per linear meter which is tested on AISI 316 stainless steel with a thickness of 0,4 mm.
    • Bonding machine from 5 to 250 Amber, automatic BINZEL torch, electronic panel to control the torch.
    • Thickness: from 0,3 mm to 2 mm.
    • Materials: stainless steel – galvanized sheet metal, copper.
    • Diameter: 80 to 800
    • To improve the product “PSILOS GEORGIOS” reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.
    • CE Marks and Declaration of Conformity

    Areas of application:

    • Longitudinal seam welding of pipes and tubes, sheets, strips, special parts…
    • Chimney systems, ventilation systems, ducts
    • Automotive exhaust gas systems, metal bellows, steering elements
    • Air and space travel
    • Filter pipes, sieves, wire gauze
    • Kitchen and household appliances, interior linings, washing drums, honey extractors
    • Housings for electric motors, immersion pumps, stator housings
    • Tank section and tank construction
    • Welding of coil ends in punching lanes


    • Ferritic steel, austenitic steel and duplex steel, aluminium, copper, nickel superalloys…
    • Metal thickness: 0.15 – 10 mm (depending on fittings)
    • Welding methods: TIG, MIG/MAG, plasma, microplasm

    In order to improve the product Metallwork Psilos  reserves the right to make changes without notice.

Showing the single result